BEN , Ben fait son casino

11 April > 10 May 2014

2 Av. Matignon, 75008 Paris


Ben Vautier constantly pushes and reinvents the boundaries of art.
He tries all disciplines: music painting poetry films theoretical texts gestures objects. He has a store, a gallery and a newspaper. This artist born in Naples in 1935 and settled in Nice since 1949 advocates "that art is in the intention". The intention seems to lead to everything if not to many things: kicking, screaming, closing and opening eyes, making a trace in the city, vomiting on a canvas, signing the horizon, signing the work of others. 
Ben shows us through his crazy and prolific work that Art is found in everything, in every act, in every human being.
But this monumental work raises a fundamental question: what is Art?
Ben answers it in an absolute and certain way: "Art must be new and bring a shock". From this principle everything is Art and everything is possible in Art. Ben's art is therefore a happening performance painting living sculptures and writings. Writings that oscillate between sentences, confessions, judgments, truths and banalities. If Art is commonly associated with the culture often reserved for an elite Ben apprehends it otherwise very personally. With Ben we learn to look at life, things and people. The art is a setting in light and Ben by some words skilfully chosen leads the spectator to go beyond what he sees not to be satisfied to read a simple sentence but to think quite simply.
Ben's work is a lure. It hides much more than it wants to show. From April 11 to May 10, 2014 Ben makes his Casino at the Laurent Strouk Gallery. He will invest the gallery with about sixty works (small and large formats) of neon installations and games. The Art will thus be made flashy bling bling amusing and always so astonishing.





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