GÉRARD SCHLOSSER, Gérard Schlosser

09 October > 08 November 2008


Gérard Schlosser has often applied himself to represent the man finally freed from his alienations (the stultifying work, the stress, the inevitable constraints of life etc.). Thanks to this new narrative series Schlosser manages to make us resonate with a new moment of intimacy and sensuality through the representation of female sleep.
Shlosser has from his first paintings made the choice of figuration. He very quickly became the painter of the fragmentary choice. The characters appear only through bodily elements: leg, shoulder, neck, chest, hand. Schlosser recreates the intensity of their presence in the space of their greatest intimacy, where their bodies speak both of themselves and of moments of life that can concern each of us.
The themes are chosen from photos he takes personally. Then he proceeds to a photomontage associating by cutting two or three elements from different documents to recreate a scene of life. He can then paint his composition on a sanded canvas. He says it and repeats it "I am not a realist painter" but he is undoubtedly a painter of reality or more exactly of the relationship of men with reality.
The titles of his works confirm this idea: they allusively evoke the individual history of his characters. The title becomes the written component of the painting, it mentally extends the work and indicates a meaning that allows the viewer to go beyond the image and orient himself towards a supposed elsewhere.
From October 9 to November 8, 2008, Gérard Schlosser will exhibit a new narrative series at the Galerie Laurent Strouk, which could be entitled "Les dormeuses".
Women passing through have fallen asleep on the sofa of his studio or on that of a Fernand Léger collector! We don't know if they took refuge there exhausted by their worries or if they dozed off between two posing sessions. But what is instantly apparent is that Schlosser has once again captured the poetry and sensuality of an intimate moment: sleep.
This sleep offers him the opportunity to represent faces, something rather exceptional in his work. However, he does not completely abandon his fragmented anatomical elements because the figures of the sleepers install the studio in the painting and beyond that Schlosser's paintings in Schlosser's painting. A game of reflection that he exercises not without humor!
He also reflects in his paintings other artists that he particularly likes such as Fernand Léger or Gilles Aillaud.
Thus, the sleeps follow one another but do not resemble one another, allowing him to work on different plays of light and color, on the texture of materials, on the draping of crumpled blankets&hellip
Schlosser thus progresses in his reinvention of the image he plays again and again with the reality of the characters of the place and the painting itself.
In all his series Schlosser tells us a story. This story deeply touches our sensitivity and our imagination.




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