09 June 2023 - 08 July 2023

2 Av. Matignon, 75008 Paris


Dreams, Love, and the Universe
Through my drawings, I tell a story of Dreams, Love and the Universe.
The main characters of my artworks - Woojoo and Byuli - are portrayed as archetypes of childhood and innocence.
Let me introduce them to you…
On the one hand, Byuli is described as a cheerful and lovely little girl with a sweet and innocent personality. She is a very caring person.
Woojoo, on the other hand, is described as a very curious young boy, full of energy and enthusiasm. He is fascinated by the world around him.
Byuli and Woojoo share a very strong friendship.
These two characters embody the purity of innocence through their behavior, personality, and relationship and their large eyes.
True enchanting and carefree beings, they nevertheless feel complex and deep emotions, such as joy, anger or sadness.
Byuli and Woojoo are two guides for the spectators to the world of dreams and love, offering them a sense of comfort and security.
Yet all is not so rosy and idyllic…
You haven't met Sini yet, to whom Byuli is very attached.
Sini, dark and mysterious, is also a figure of protection and support. Depicted as a desert fox, he embodies the divinity of suffering, melancholy and sadness.
Like Buyli and Woojoo, the spectator is nevertheless protected from his vulnerability.
The universe depicted in the works of Vivi Cho is thus immense and strange.
Vivi Cho mainly uses acrylic paint and pastel oil. She adds watercolor whose oriental painting has the secret to create this rough texture and these colors which bring a whirlwind of emotions.
Her illustrations are highly detailed, with particular attention paid to patterns and textures. In her works, the artist uses soft colors to create a light and delicate atmosphere. She often depicts children in contemplative and dreamy poses.
Behind this apparent sweetness, Vivi Cho approaches ambiguous and disturbing situations in order to evoke the fragility of childhood such as loneliness, isolation or the fear of shadows and wild animals.
The relationship to the imaginary is a key element of her work. Vivi Cho's universe is populated by fantastic creatures, monsters, dreamlike landscapes and parallel worlds.
Originally from South Korea, she is influenced by mythology, fairy tales and Asian popular culture.
Thus, the artist explores the themes of lost innocence, the fragility of childhood and its beauty.
Her relationship to the imagination and her desire to create a world populated by chimeras can be interpreted in different ways: on the one hand, it is an escape from reality and an invitation to immerse oneself in a marvelous world; on the other hand, her creatures are metaphors for the duality that agitates the world of humans.
Vivi Cho's works convey a universal message of hope and comfort that resonates with people of all ages and cultures. Her works encourage seeing the world through the innocent eyes of children and not losing sight of one's dreams and ability to love, even when facing difficult realities.

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