13 May > 11 June 2022

2 Av. Matignon, 75008 Paris


Vincent Beaurin's exhibition Incarnat is conceived on two axes: color, and the body and its finitude.
The core of most of his works is made of polystyrene wrapped in a skin of glass flakes that sparkle like stars in the night sky or snow crystals. The slightest flash of light animates them.
The relatively large size of the colored glass particles allow the colors to be combined by juxtaposition in the manner of the Divisionists or Pointillists and the transparency of the material by superposition, as in the traditional technique of glazing.
The sculpture of an ungrateful material such as polystyrene, left more and more often in a rough state, reminds us that there is no transmutation of gold into gold.
In the first room, a set of twelve Ocelles and a Dais frame two statues, Nun and Stèle.
"Here, color digs in, sucks in, and runs through."
In the second room on the first floor, three Nun statues in a row face a triptych of Ocelles. 
An ornamental applique Mangouste (Mongoose), an ocelle made of glass and (shale) flakes, and a marble sand landscape punctuate the arrangement.
Upstairs, in the small boudoir-like room, Passuk,Harrison and Duval, three small tragicomic scenes, occupy the foreground with a Blue Bird in the form of an infinite figure 8. Three Symi watercolors form a contemplative background.
In the main room, Vincent Beaurin presents for the first time the Organisms, oil paintings augmented with a chromatic and three-dimensional support that anchors the work, just as the frame would traditionally do.
Hombre tries to escape.
All these works are motivated by a desire for fullness, appeasement and abstraction.
"When agitation ceases, space no longer disperses, volume expires, flattens out and the wall dissolves."

The works of Vincent Beaurin are witnesses, quiet, telluric, radiant.
The colors are neither signal nor symbolic but emotional and atmospheric; the forms are not complex but elementary and organic; the meaning is never transcendent but immanent. Everything is there, given to see, manifest, as in the early morning of a hot day or the wet aftermath of a grandiose storm. Landscapes, climates, the mineral world, the cycle of the sun form the horizon of an artist of contemplation who reconciles in his works painting and sculpture, surface and volume, textures and contours, presence and reflection on space. For it is not only a question of creating, it is also necessary to show, to organize the articulation of the works between them within devices which reveal them, put them in relation and allow them to include the spectator, to exceed it for better integrating it. It is also a question of encouraging the questioning of the "traditional" categories of the aesthetic experience: the base, the frame, the color, the univocity, the work and its off-field, as demonstrated by the recent corpus of "Organismes" (2019-2022) where each canvas, a soothing presence on the scale of our bodies, is perceived only in a dynamic exchange with the three-dimensional element that accompanies it, thus forming an open and vibrant organism.

The works of Vincent Beaurin are part of the collections of the MNAM - National Museum of Modern Art - Center Georges Pompidou; FNAC - National Fund for Contemporary Art; MUDAM, Museum of Modern Art, Grand-Duc Jean, Luxembourg; from LVMH, Cheval Blanc Randheli and Christian Dior Couture; the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art; by Agnès B, from the MAD - Musée des Arts Décoratifs, from the Mobilier National collection.




Vincent Beaurrin - Incarnat, 2022




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