PAT ANDREA, Pat Andrea

05 May 2023 - 03 June 2023

2 Av. Matignon, 75008 Paris


Since the 1960s, Pat Andrea has been exploring the possibilities of a painting that is genuine and personal. It is in fact in his intimate life that the artist seeks for inspiration: his “war of the sexes”, his loves and tears. But through a subjective realism that filters, deforms and distanciates itself and often plays with humor, the derision card.  A realism that surpasses the anecdote or the naive illustration to reveal poetry and beauty in triviality. Combining small and great history, autobiographical memoirs and resurgence of myths or political events, Pat Andrea opens the intimate to the archetypal.  His images touch the viewer and are remembered as they deal with a history that is common to all. Between desire, fear and violence, they open to our eyes like a small theater of human behaviors, in their most seducing, intriguing and ridiculous ways.  Just as the artist's life was built on travel, from Holland to Paris or Buenos Aires, his work freely navigates from territory to territory, from the old masters to modernity, from Dutch painting to international art. His images are imprinted with coexisting plural cultures: the craft of the masters of the Quattrocento and their classical sense of space, the calm and silent composition of small Dutch interiors, but also the imbalance, noise, movement and excess of the Baroque period, the decorative geometry of Mondrian or the vivid and acid colors of Pop Art. From this hybridization, a double work is born which is both realistic and unreal, navigating between the impulsive and the reflective.

Exhibition's Visuals